Marc Castellnou

Associated professor

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Personal Information

Position: Associated professor

Area of expertise: Forest fire


ETSEA, Building A, office 0.12

Castell 11, 43746 Tivissa. Tarragona

Phone: +34 607 072383


University degrees

· Forest Engineering (University of Lleida, Spain)
· Master degree in Forest Fire Management and Ecology. (University of lleida, Spain)
·  Wildland Fire Incident Commander Type I (Spanish Government)

Previous activities

· Strategic Fire Analyst, GRAF, Catalan Fire Service (since 1999)
· Area Chief, Catalan Fire Service (since 2002)
· Inspector, Type I Incident Commander, Catalan Fire Service (since 2002)
· Founder and Chairman of Pau Costa Foundation (since 2010)
· Developer of wildfire analysis and simulation tools with Wildland Fire Analyst. Tecnosylva. Leon, Spain/San Diego, USA
· Developer of wildfire analysis tool using particle random approach. CPS and EMSYX. Los Angeles, USA. First place in the world wind challenge, NASA. Florence, June 2013.
· Coordinator of public communication sessions in key forest fires. After action reviews with forest owners and rural organitzations. Fires of Cardo 4500 ha May 2012, catalonia. Fire of la Junquera July 2012, 12000 ha.
· Member of the emergency and forest fires round table of ESRI Europe. 2011-2013
· Member of Advisory group for CREAF ( Center of Ecology Research in Forestry and Agriculture of University Autonoma of BCN)
· Asociated professor. University of Lleida (since 2015)


· Investigador de la UFF al Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya1997-1998.
· Membre de projectes de recerca Finançats EU: Firetorch, Fireeficent, FireParadox, Eurofire
· Senior Expert per European Forest Institute a EFICENT (Alemania)
· 2014- Director de la Revista Incendis Lo Forestalillo des del 2002


· ANÀLISI I SIMULACIÓ DE FOCS FORESTALS Màster Universitari en Incendis Forestals.Ciència i Gestió Integral
· CREMES PRESCRITES Màster Universitari en Incendis Forestals.Ciència i Gestió Integral
· ESTRATÈGIES I TÀCTIQUES D'EXTINCIÓ Màster Universitari en Incendis Forestals.Ciència i Gestió Integral


Recent Publications

Costa, P; Castellnou, M; Larrañaga, A; Miralles, M; Kraus, D. 2011. Prevention of Large Wildfires using the Fire Type concept. EU Fire Paradox Publication Barcelona, 83 pp.

Castellnou, M; Kraus, D, Miralles, M; Deloggu, G. 2010. Suppression Fire Use in Learning Organizations. In. Toward Integrated Fire Management - Outcomes of the European Project Fire Paradox. Ed. JS Silva, F Rego, P Fernandes and E Rigolot. European Forest Institute Research Report 23.

Castellnou M, Kraus D and Miralles M 2010 Prescribed burning and suppression fire techniques: from fuel to landscape management in Montiel C and Kraus D eds 2010 Best practices of fire use – prescribed burning and suppression fire programmes in selected case-study regions in Europe European EFI Research Report 24

Castellnou M; Larrañaga A, Miralles M, Vilalta O and Molina D 2010 Wildfire Scenarios: Learning from Experience in Sande Silva J, Rego F, Fernandes P and Rigolot E eds 2010 Towards Integrated Fire Management – Outcomes of the European Project Fire Paradox  EFI Research Report 23

Castellnou, M.; Pagés, J.; Miralles, M.; Piqué, M. 2009. Tipificación de los incendios forestales de Cataluña. Elaboración del mapa de incendios de diseño como herramienta parala gestión forestal. A: V Congreso forestal español. Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales - Junta de Castilla y León, Ávila (5CFE-453)

Piñol, J; Castellnou, M; Beven, KJ. 2007. Conditioning uncertainty in ecological models: Assessing the impact of fire management strategies. Ecological Modelling 207 (2007) 34–44.

Castellnou, M.; Arilla, E.; López, M. 2005. Fire management in Catalonia: first steps. A: International conference on prevention strategies of fires in southern Europe. CTFC-CFCCOSE- USSE, Barcelona. P. 1-9.

Lloret F, Castellnou M and Piñol J 2005 Wildfire hazard and occurrence in J Woodward ed. The Physical Geography of the Mediterranean Basin. Oxford University Press

Ubeda X, Lorca M, Outeiro L, Bernias S and Castellnou M 2005 Effects of prescribed fire on soil quality in Mediterranean grassland (Prades Mountains, North East Spain) International Journal of Wildland Fire 14 4 379-384

Castellnou, M; Bosch, M; Rodríguez, Ll. 2002. Rethinking firefighting for the XXI century: Anew firefighter model. Fires of design and fire ecology. IV International Conference on Forest Fire Research. Coimbra (Portugal). 18-23 Nov 2002.

Castellnou, M; Galán, M; Sirat, A; Lleonart, S; Miralles, M; Molina, D. 2001. Wildfire simulation and fire risk mapping in Catalonia. Proceeding of the Workshop Tools and Methodologies for Fire Danger Mapping. 9-14 Març. Vila Real. Portugal.


· Safety Award 2015 per la IAWF (International Assciation of Wildland Fire) USA
· NASA World wind challenge winner amb EMSYX i PCF per desenvolupament software previsió evolució incendis

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