Jordi Voltas

Full professor

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Personal Information

Position: Full professor

Area of expertise: Silviculture

Address: ETSEA, Building A, office 0.12.2

Phone: +34 973 702855


Academic backgroud

· PhD, Universitat de Lleida, 1998
· Agricultural Engineer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1992
· Technical Engineer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1989

Professional experience

· since 2010. Full professor, Universitat de Lleida
· 2000 – 2010. Associate Professor, Universitat de Lleida
· 1996 – 2000. Assistant professor, Universitat de Lleida


My research activities are mostly focused on the ecophysiological and adaptive characterization of forest trees under Mediterranean conditions in the face of global change. In particular, I am interested in (i) the evaluation of intraspecific genetic variation and evolutionary trade-offs in life history traits in Mediterranean conifers; (ii) the identification and use of physiological traits of potential application in screening and breeding activities of forest trees (physiological breeding), in particular those associated to drought resistance; and (iii) the retrospective analysis of climate responses in forest trees and the interpretation of climate signals under current and future climate conditions using dendrochronological approaches. I also develop research in the evaluation of statistical tools that allow integrating physiological and environmental information into ecological response models. The aim of these models is to achieve a better understanding of genotype-environment interaction patterns linked to local adaptation and genetic variation in phenotypic plasticity relevant to ecological and evolutionary genetics and in breeding and deployment of genetic material in forest management practices. Many of my contributions to the aforementioned topics use as inferential tool the relative abundance of the main stable isotopes present in the biosphere (13C/12C, 18O/16O, 2H/1H, 15N/14N), which are of widespread use in physiology, ecology and genetics of forest tree species. The information provided by this approach allows, among others, relating the isotopic signatures to environmental cues linked to precipitation, vapor pressure deficit and thermic regime, allowing an in-depth understanding of the interactions between plants and the environment. This methodology is valid for studying a broad scope of cases which include from the characterization of genetic differences in water use efficiency to the development of novel models of palaeoenvironmental inference using archaeobotanical remains. I have coauthored 75 SCI articles and 14 chapters of national and international books. I have also participated in 19 competitive national research projects (in 7 as principal investigator) and in 4 competitive international projects (in all of them being principal investigator).


· DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF EXPERIMENTS MsC Erasmus Mundus in Mediterranean Forestry
· STATISTICAL METHODS MsC in Agricultural Engineering


Recent Publications

Shestakova T, Voltas J, Saurer M, Siegwolf RTW, Kirdyanov AL (2017) Warming effects on Pinus sylvestris in the cold–dry Siberian forest–steppe: Positive or negative balance of trade? Forests (8) 12, 490.

Granda E, Camarero JJ, Diego-Galván J, Sangüesa-Barreda G, Alla AQ, Gutiérrez E, Dorado-Liñán I, Andreu-Hayles L, Labuhn I, Grudd H, Voltas J (2017) Aged but withstanding: Maintenance of growth rates in old pines is not related to enhanced water-use efficiency. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 243: 43-54.

Shestakova T, Camarero JJ, Ferrio JP, Knorre AA, Gutiérrez E, Voltas J (2017) Increasing drought effects on five European pines modulate Δ13C‐growth coupling along a Mediterranean altitudinal gradient. Functional Ecology 31: 1359-1370.

Choury Z, Shestakova T, Himrane H, Touchan R, Kherchouche D, Voltas J (2017) Quarantining the Sahara desert: growth and water-use efficiency of Aleppo pine in the Algerian Green Barrier. European Journal of Forest Research 136: 139-152.

Shestakova T, Gutiérrez E, Kirdyanov A, Camarero JJ, Génova M, Knorre A, Linares JC, Resco de Dios V, Sánchez-Salguero R, Voltas J (2016) Forests synchronize their growth in contrasting Eurasian regions in response to climate warming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113: 662-667.

Del Castillo J, Comas J, Voltas J, Ferrio JP (2016) Dynamics of competition over water in a mixed oak-pine Mediterranean forest: Spatio-temporal and physiological components. Forest Ecology and Management 382: 214-224.

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Sixto H, Gil PM, Ciria P, Camps F, Cañellas I, Voltas J (2016) Interpreting genotype-by-environment interaction for biomass production in hybrid poplars under short-rotation coppice in Mediterranean environments. GCB Bioenergy 8: 1124-1135.

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Aguilera M, Ferrio JP, Araus JL, Tarrús J, Voltas J (2011) Climate at the onset of western Mediterranean agriculture expansion: evidence from stable isotopes of sub-fossil oak tree rings in Spain. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 3-4: 541-551.

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