Constanza Carrera

María Zambrano researcher

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Personal Information


Position: María Zambrano researcher

Area of expertise: Agronomy

Address: ETSEA, Main Building A, office 0.6.4

Telèfon: +34 973 702830


University degrees

· PhD, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, 2011
· Agronomy engineer, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, 2006

Previous activities

· 2022 – 2024. Investigadora María Zambrano del Departament de Producció Vegetal i Ciència Forestal de la Universidad de Lleida.
· 2018 – actualitat. Investigadora Adjunta de la Carrera d'Investigador Científic i Tecnológic del CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas)
· 2014 – actualitat. Investigadorade l'Instituto de Fisiología y Recursos Genéticos Vegetales (IFRGV), Centro de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (CIAP), del Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuarias (INTA).
· 2015– 2016. Professora Ajudant A amb dedicació simple al Departamento de Producción Vegetal, Universidad Católica de Córdoba.
· 2010– 2011. Professora Ajudant A amb dedicació simple al Departamento de Recursos Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.


My area of interest is the study of the ecophysiological basis of crop yield and grain quality. Mainly interested in genotype x environment interaction and in understanding the mechanisms involved in crop responses to abiotic stressors (water deficit and high temperature stress) at cellular, plant, and canopy levels.

Recent Publications

SCOPUS Author ID: 26648004000

Orcid code: 0000-0002-8959-9069

Index h: 8 (SCOPUS), Març 2022


-Kettler, B., Carrera, C.S., Nalli, F.D., Trachsel, S., Andrade F.H., Neiff, N. 2022. High night temperature during maize postflowering increases night respiration and affects photosynthesis, growth and kernel number. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science in press.

-Carrera, C.S., Rosas, M.B., Gontijo Mandarino, J.M., Leite, R.S., Raspa F., Fava F., Dardanelli J., Andrade, F. 2022. Partial and total defoliation during the filling period affected soybean grain industrial and nutraceutical quality. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in press.

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