The Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences and Engineering and Agotecnio-Center

The Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences and Engineering specializes, within the field of plant production, in agronomy, biology, plant biotechnology, integrated pest management, ecology, genetics, plant breeding and plant pathology. Regarding the field of forestry, the Department specializes in forest fires, range management and silviculture. In addition to this, some of the Department’s professors have expertise in experimental design and data analysis for agricultural and forestry research.

AGROTECNIO is a research center of excellence in agriculture, animal production and food technology within the ETSEA campus at the University of Lleida, formed in December 2012 in Lleida as a successor of the Fundation UdL-IRTA. Scientific activities of Agrotecnio focus on key areas that include agricultural science, animal science and food science. Agrotecnio covers all the key elements of the food production chain holistically from crops to commercially important animals and food for human consumption. The mission of Agrotecnio is to conduct fundamental research to underpin translational strategic research and disseminate the findings to society, train the next generation of scientists in the food production and disseminate research outputs to the community in its broader sense.


Molecular farming